Today, the Vermont Golf Association is the authoritative body for golf in the state of Vermont representing more than 8,600 amateur golfers and 62 golf clubs in the state.

How to become a member of the VGA

Currently the Vermont Golf Association charges no fees for membership.
If you meet the following eligibility requirements, you are automatically a member of the Vermont Golf Association!

  • Vermont Resident – Any male amateur golfer, as of the first day of the tournament, who is a legal resident of the State of Vermont and is a member, in good standing, of a member club of the Vermont Golf Association and maintains an active, valid GHIN handicap at that club.

*All participating players are required to have an active GHIN Handicap card with an up-to-date Handicap Index.  Non-Vermont Residents with active, valid GHIN handicaps from other states are welcome to participate in any VGA event without restriction with the exception of the 3 Major Championships – the Amateur, the Mid-Amateur and the Senior Amateur.  In order to participate  in the Vermont “Majors” the  player must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Non-Vermont Resident* – Any male amateur golfer, as of the first day of the tournament, who is not a legal resident of the State of Vermont, but has been a member in good standing of any Vermont Golf Association member club for the past three years, has an active GHIN handicap issued by a Vermont Golf Association member club and has posted a minimum of 10 rounds of golf in the last 12 months outside of the major championships at any VGA member club.