Today, the Vermont Golf Association is the authoritative body for golf in the state of Vermont representing more than 8,600 amateur golfers and 62 golf clubs in the state.

How It Works

Lakeside Golf Club is a non-real estate golf club that issues and maintains GHIN handicaps for its members.  Lakeside Golf Club is comprised of folks who don’t have a golf membership at a traditional golf course.

Lakeside started up in 1991 with only 4 members and has grown over the years and now boasts more than 320 active members.

Lakeside is USGA sanctioned golf club.  Members of Lakeside receive their GHIN handicap updates via email twice a month on the 1st and 15th in the form of an E-Revision newsletter which contains not only a copy of their updated handicap card but also news on upcoming golf events in Vermont sponsored by the Vermont Golf Association.

Active GHIN handicaps are required for participation in the popular VGA State Days as well as the majority of Vermont and other state association tournaments.

Lakeside Golf Club was run since its beginning by a gentleman named Jim Cardell who was instrumental in setting up, running and growing the association.  Jim has decided to retire in 2014 and the management of Lakeside is being assumed by Rick Simpson.  For more information on Lakeside you can contact Rick at 802-355-3200 or  you can send Rick an email.

The handicap fee at Lakeside is $25.00 annually.


If you would like to renew your GHIN membership at Lakeside or if you have never had a GHIN # in the past and would like to join Lakeside and get a handicap, you can do so at the Lakeside E-Clubhouse website.

EXISTING GHIN CARD HOLDERS:   (You already have a GHIN handicap or you have had a GHIN handicap in the past)

EXISTING GHIN CARD HOLDERS:   (You already have a GHIN handicap or you have had a GHIN handicap in the past)

  • Golfers with a GHIN # who already have an eGolfer account:
  • Go to this link join Lakeside with an existing eGolfer account , log in to your eGolfer account and then click the green “Join this Club” button and follow the prompts to select and pay your GHIN membership. 
  • Golfers with a GHIN # who do not have an eGolfer account:
  • Go to this link: Join Lakeside, follow the prompts.  This will create an eGolfer account and let you pay your GHIN membership at the same time.
  • IMPORTANT – Be sure to enter your GHIN # in the appropriate box!
  • If you were a member at a club with the GHIN system anytime within the past 10 years, chances are your GHIN handicap is still in the system – if you don’t know or can’t remember it, please contact Rick Simpson or the VGA office and we will find it for  you before you register!
  • For more information on what an E-Golfer account is all about click here.

GOLFERS WHO HAVE NEVER HAD A GHIN # in the past and would like to join Lakeside can go to Join Lakeside and then follow the prompts to create an E-Golfer account, join Lakeside and pay for a GHIN handicap all in one spot.  You will automatically be assigned a new GHIN # upon approval.

For more information or any questions contact Rick Simpson at 802-355-3200 or send Rick an email.