Today, the Vermont Golf Association is the authoritative body for golf in the state of Vermont representing more than 8,600 amateur golfers and 62 golf clubs in the state.

Evening the playing field

The Handicap System

Whether competing in an event at your club or in a VGA State Day event, participants must have a USGA Handicap Index®. The purpose of the USGA Handicap System™ is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of different abilities the chance to compete on an equal basis.

Golf Handicap and Information Network


The VGA uses GHIN®, a service of the USGA, to provide handicap services to its members and member clubs. Please note that Vermont observes a 6 month posting season. Thus, a Handicap Index® will be revised on the first and 15th of each month throughout the year.

How To…

Establish a Handicap

Establishing a USGA Handicap Index is not difficult.

If you are a member of a golf club in Vermont, your handicap dues may be included with your membership.  Ask your PGA Pro, Club Manager or Handicap Chairman to help you get started in establishing a handicap.

If you are not a member at a club, many public or municipal courses will be able to help you establish your handicap. Next time you’re at one, ask if they provide handicapping services.

Another option is to obtain your handicap through a non-real estate golf association such as the Lakeside Golf Club.  This is a golf association that is not tied to any one golf course – its membership is comprised mostly of people who do not belong to a golf club but who want to be able to play in various golf events throughout the state that require a valid GHIN handicap in order to participate. For  more information on Lakeside Golf Club please call Rick Simpson at  802-355-3200, send Rick an email, or click here for more information.  

Once you sign up for handicap services at a club, you simply turn in your scores after each round to the handicap committee. This may be done manually – handing over your scorecard to someone. Or electronically – signing on to a computer in the pro shop or 19th hole, entering your ID number and password, and entering your score.

And more and more clubs are allowing their members to enter their scores remotely, at home or from any other computer, through or via the GHIN mobile app on their smart phone or tablet (see Apple App store or Android Play Store).

Once you have five scores turned in, you’ll get your handicap index. Thereafter, your handicap index will always be based on the lowest 10 of your last 20 rounds.  Handicaps are calculated and updated usually 2 times a month – on the 1st and 15th of every month.