Today, the Vermont Golf Association is the authoritative body for golf in the state of Vermont representing more than 8,600 amateur golfers and 62 golf clubs in the state.

How It Works

The 2017 Golf & Ski Warehouse Net Championship runs during all State Day events in 2017. The top 1/3 of the players in the field earn points in each event based on their net scores. If there are 60 players in the field the top 20 earned points with 20 points to first place, 19 points for 2nd and so on. 90 players in an event would result in 30 players earning points Ties will be retained and split evenly. Prizes will be awarded at the culmination of the season based on the total accumulated points earned by a player in all the State Day events he plays in. The prizes will be in the form of gift cards from our sponsor Golf & Ski Warehouse.

Play in State Days - Win Points

Top 1/3 of players win points in each State Day

Win great gift certificates to the Golf & Ski Warehouse!