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What is a State Day?

2017 State Day Schedule

Vermont Golf Association State Days are "mini" one day tournaments held on various days throughout the state during the summer.

The cost  varies based on the State Day.  Some of our State Days require on-line registration and all of those will cost $42.50 not including cart (with the exception of the State Day at Woodstock).  These are the courses that typically are very popular and tend to fill up quickly. Cart rental is required at some courses and is optional at others; cart prices vary from course to course. Members playing in a State Day at their home club will be refunded $15.00 for the greens fee portion of the State Day.  The $15.00 refund will be applied to the credit card used for registration. The remainder of our State Days cost $30.00 and players register for these by calling the golf course one week in advance.

Players can sign up for a State Day with their own group of four players (or two or three) if they wish, or a player can sign up as a single and we (or the golf course) will fit that person in with a group.  To participate, every player must have an active, valid GHIN handicap.  We encourage those of you who have participated in the past to get the word out to your fellow club members who haven’t participated and let them know how much fun they are and what a great way to see different golf courses in the state at a reasonable fee.

Players registering on line for our Pre-Paid State Days can register up to 4 players all at one time.  The person in charge of registering the group will be responsible for paying for all the players he is registering. Please note that all players must have a profile set up in the system before they can be registered into an event.

If a player does not wish to utilize the on-line registration process for our Pre-Paid State days (and major Championships) the player can contact the office to have one of the staff members register the player and/or his entire group.  As we have a very small staff wearing many different hats, having to manually enter a player or a group of players into an event can create problems, especially during times we are busying working on other tournaments or when we are out of the office running events.  Therefore anyone who does not want to utilize the on-line registration process will be subject to an additional charge of $5.00 per player if the office staff is asked to do the registration manually.

There are typically 3 flights based on handicaps: 0 - 10, 11 - 16 and 17 and above. Occasionally there will be enough participants to have a "hickory" flight, in which everyone in that flight plays with hickory clubs.

Prizes are awarded each State Day in the form of gift certificates at the host club.  Both gross and net prizes are awarded in each flight, with the pay outs based on the number of participants in each particular flight.

In addition to weekly prizes, we also run the Golf & Ski Warehouse Fall Series during State Day events in August and September.  There is no cost to the participant - it is an added benefit for playing State Days! For more information on this added event, click here.

State Days are an inexpensive, fun way to play golf at different courses around the state while participating in low-key friendly competition.  Clicking on the Tournaments link in the top menu will open up another menu with a link to the full 2016 Tournament Schedule - you will find a schedule of the various events throughout the summer. If you click on the Tournament Archives link in that same drop down menu, you can scroll through last season’s events and click on the “results” link to see what the prizes were like at the different State Days.