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What are the benefits of membership in the Vermont Golf Association?

Membership in the VGA gives Vermont golfers many benefits; the most obvious benefit is providing avenues for competition within the state.  But there are some not so obvious benefits as well:

How does someone become a member of the Vermont Golf Association?

Currently the Vermont Golf Association charges no fees for membership.
If you meet the following eligibility requirements, you are automatically a member of the Vermont Golf Association!

*All participating players are required to have an active GHIN Handicap card with an up-to-date Handicap Index.  Non-Vermont Residents with active, valid GHIN handicaps from other states are welcome to participate in any VGA event without restriction with the exception of the 3 Major Championships - the Amateur, the Mid-Amateur and the Senior Amateur.  In order to participate  in the Vermont “Majors” the  player must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

Anyone interested in volunteering their time to help with any VGA sponsored events, is encouraged to contact any of the Board of Directors listed on the About Us page.