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As of 10/15/2017

GHIN # 0837351

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2017 Golf & Ski Net Championship
Congratulations to John Christy - winner of the 2017 Golf & Ski Warehouse Net Championship! John had a great final round at Okemo Valley State Day that moved him up from fifth place to first place in the final State Day! For full results click here!

Fall Four Ball

Congratulations to Troy Evans and Eric Lajeunesse - 2017 Inaugural Fall 4 Ball Champions! For full results - click here!

Tournament Management Software powered by Golf Genius

As many of you may or may not know, we used the same program this year for online Tournament Registration that we have used for that past 6 years. However, we did migrate to a different tournament management software to actually run our events and post results. Starting in 2018 we will begin to use this same new program (see title above - affectionately referred to as TM) for online registration as well. The TM online registration module is being finalized now and as soon as it is fully operational, we will provide more details to everyone on how to log in and register for events. At this point, we do not know if you will be able to use your old log in or if you will have to create a new one - we will keep you posted!

Thanks for joining us for another great season!

The VSWGA - Bringing Golfers Together Since 1930.

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Vermont Enters Team in Final USGA State Team Championship
in Santa Fe, Mexico. Details at

Score Posting Active Season
The active season for posting scores shot in Vermont ends on October 31st. Any scores shot in Vermont after this time and before April 15, 2018 are not eligible for posting for handicap purposes because the condition of many of the Northern courses are not the same as they would be during a typical golf season.

Scores shot in states that are still in an active golf season (i.e. the Carolinas, Florida, etc.) can and should be posted during this period. You can post those scores either by going to or by posting it from the GHIN Mobile App. For more information, visit the handicap section at

Rules Corner -

Player A hits a shot into the right rough. He looks for about 3 minutes, can't find his ball and says he will go back to the tee to play a provisional. As he heads back to the tee, his original ball is found before the 5 minutes allotted is up, but he has already hit the "provisional". When he gets back to the fairway, he picks up the "provisional" and continues play with the original ball, holes out and continues to play from the next tee. What is the ruling?

a. No penalty - he followed proper procedure
b. Two stroke penalty for going back to the tee to play a provisional after going forward to search.
c. Two stroke penalty for playing a wrong ball (original ball).
d. Player is disqualified for playing a wrong ball (original ball) and not correcting the error before teeing off the
next tee.

The correct answer is D. The answer is spelled out right in Rule 27-2a (ii). A player may play another ball provisionally but MUST: 1) announce his intention to do so and 2) play the provisional ball BEFORE he or his partner goes forward to search for the original ball.

In this case, the player had already gone forward and actually searched for his original ball. He is no longer entitled to play a provisional ball, so the 2nd ball he put into play when he went back to the tee is now the ball in play under Stroke & Distance (Rule 27-1). Since the 2nd ball is now the ball in play, he must abandon the original ball even though it was found within 5 minutes. By playing the original ball, he played a
wrong ball and incurred a 2 stroke penalty and had to correct that error before teeing off the next tee. Since he did not correct, he has no score for the hole and is therefore DQ'd.

Decision 27-2a/1.5 tells us that a player is considered to have "gone forward to search for his ball" when he has left the tee and proceeded more than a short distance towards the place where his original ball might be. As a guideline if he has gone more than 50 yds forward, he is considered to have gone "more than a short distance".

Remember, it pays to know the Rules. Knowing the Rules of Golf can help you save strokes and enjoy the game of golf.

Tournament Handicaps

In order to participate in VGA and VSWGA tournaments, players are required to have a valid, active GHIN handicap.

  • Handicaps are updated twice a month - on the 1st and 15th.

  • Although your home course may activate you on a given day, your handicap won't become active in the GHIN system until the next revision period on the 1st or 15th - the next one immediately following the day you are activated at your club.

  • Many clubs automatically inactivate all their GHIN members at the end of the year even though we ask them not to!
  • Please be aware of this when planning your 2018 golf schedule.

We understand that situations can change and some folks may make the decision to forgo a golf course membership for one reason or another. Should you find yourself in this situation, you can still keep your handicap active by becoming a member of the Lakeside Golf Club. Click here for more information. If you have any friends in this situation, please pass this information along to them as well.
GHIN Handicap Benefits

One of the benefits of having a GHIN handicap issued through a Vermont club is that you are entitled to receive two great e-Magazines at no charge. The GLOBAL GOLF POST is a weekly e-magazine published every Monday with all the results from the past week's golf tournaments, both Amateur and Professional, along with some great human interest golf stories. The GRAIN is dedicated to the Major Championships and is published 6 times throughout the summer. There is a early season kick-off issue, issues immediately preceding the Masters, US Open, British Open, PGA Championship and in the fall, the Annual Travel Issue is released.

If you are not receiving the Global Golf Post or The Grain, you can sign up by clicking here

Name: Shari Pfannenstein
Club: Rutland Country Club
Club #: 14-006-03
Scores Posted: 15
GHIN #: 0837351
USGA HCP Index: 14.0
Effective Date: 10/15/2017
 90 A    92 I    96 I    86 C    88 H 
85*I 89 I 89 T 86*H 79*C
96 H 84*H 87*H 78*C 86*H
84*I 88 I 83*I 87 C 82*I
Print Handicap Card and Information
Score History
UTDateScoreCR/SlopeDiff.Course Name
A10/8/179069.7/11919.3Silverthorn Country Club
I5/24/179270.6/13118.5Rutland Country Club Rutland C
I4/2/179668.8/11626.5Plantation on Crystal River Ch
C3/23/178666.8/11718.5Plantation on Crystal River Ch
H3/18/178868.8/11618.7Plantation on Crystal River Ch
*I3/11/178568.8/11615.8Plantation on Crystal River Ch
I3/5/178968.8/11619.7Plantation on Crystal River Ch
T3/4/178968.8/11619.7Plantation on Crystal River Ch
*H2/19/178668.8/11616.8Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*C2/16/177966.8/11711.8Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
H2/4/179668.8/11626.5Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*H1/28/178468.8/11614.8Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*H1/21/178768.8/11617.7Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*C1/16/177866.8/11710.8Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*H1/15/178668.8/11616.8Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*I12/29/168468.8/11614.8Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
I12/18/168868.8/11618.7Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*I12/11/168368.8/11613.8Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
C11/17/168766.8/11719.5Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
*I11/6/168268.8/11612.9Plantation Golf Resort & Spa C
T = Score Type (H - Home, A - Away, T - Tournament, P - Penalty,
C - Combined, I - Internet)
U - Used for USGA Handicap Index® Computation
Two Lowest Eligible Tournament Scores
 TDateScoreCR/SlopeDiff.Course Name
 T3/4/178968.8/11619.7Plantation on Crystal River Ch
HCP Index History
Rounds this Year: 15


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