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Get Your Updated Handicap Index Delivered To Your Inbox


VGA Members have the option of getting their updated Handicap Index delivered right to their Inbox. The report also contains information such as your scoring record and history, as well as the latest news from the VGA.


A Convenient Service From GHIN And The Vermont Golf Association


If you have an email address you can have your USGA Handicap Index information emailed to you automatically every revision in the form of a newsletter.  This newsletter gets sent out on with every revision on the 1st and 15th of each month.

In addition to your USGA Handicap Index, the eRevision also contains other valuable information such as your handicap scoring record, Handicap Index History, and Vermont Golf Association News. The eRevision also contains a convenient printable handicap card that you can cut out and use as proof of your Handicap Index.

If you would like to receive the eRevision click on the “E-Mail Address Update ” link below to register your email address with GHIN. Your e-mail address will be kept private, is not publicly accessible, and can only be used by The Vermont Golf Association.

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